Get Random With Jessica #GRWJ: The Scottish Play

Some people have bucket lists… I have well-that’s-impossible-and-will-never-happen lists. I want to rent a glass igloo in Kakslauttanen and camp out under the Aurora Borealis. I want to go to the famous sloth resort in Costa Rica and give baby sloths baby sloth baths. I want to LIVE in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics because… I really don’t think I need to explain myself. Just how amazing would that be…

And I have have always…. aaaaaaaalways wanted to see MacBeth at Shakespeare’s Globe.

See, it’s not that I’ve always wanted to go to Shakespeare’s Globe, or see any play at Shakespeare’s Globe. It’s that I’ve always wanted to see Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe. I had to have both or it wouldn’t be fit to live on my well-that’s-impossible-and-will-never-happen list.

When you’re a theatre major, you pretty much eat Shakespeare like 24/7. Oh sure they throw in Sam Shepard and Ben Jonson… they pantaloon you to death with a multitude of Molière, and then there’s the proverbial Rodgers and Hammerstein-esque musical every few months that everyone wants to be in but also kind of hates. But for the most part it’s SHAKESPEARE SHAKESPEARE SHAKESPEARE.  I got soooo burnt out on reading it, definitely became tired of watching it, didn’t get nearly enough of a chance to perform it, but it never stopped me from wishing to see a hardcore, gritty, fuck-you-in-the-face performance of Macbeth, with amazing and beautiful actors giving amazing and beautiful performances. And sick pain. Amazing and beautiful sick pain.

Well! It just so happens that Macbeth is playing at Shakespeare’s Globe while I’m going to be in England for Alcon. When I found this out, I….. I was just……. stunned. I think I actually blacked out for a few moments. I couldn’t believe it. Just could.not.believe it.

Yes, Madame Jessica Calvello, you’re going to see Macbeth at Shakeseare’s Globe.

Please note: this production contains scenes of violence, blood & gore, and will use strobe/flashing lights.

Words canNOT express how incredibly excited I am about this. I hope someone literally vomits blood on me. T’would be an honor.

 Screenshot 2016-08-23 23.00.29