Conventions: Alcon – Day 1!

Conventions: Alcon, Day 1, Opening Ceremonies, Talent Show, Pizza earrings

The Opening Ceremonies were some of the most enjoyable opening ceremonies I’ve ever had the honor of attending! They started on time, they were of appropriate length and they were h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. Seriously, the time and effort (and editing!) that went into that production kicking off what is clearly going to be a fun-as-hell con was amazing.

The talent show was awesome!! There were so many fantastic acts performing! All of you were wonderful and charming in your own fabulous way. Thank you! <3

The first thing someone said to me when I walked in to the convention was “Oh, I love your pizza earrings!” Alcon, if I wasn’t already a fan of you, I certainly am now. Here’s to a fabulous weekend! BRING ON THE BLUE SLUSHIES!

pizza earring_2