The Hole Truth: Excel Saga’s Hole

Every once in a while, something happens at a con that makes my heart go flutter.

I’m most known for my anime voicework, but I also have many other talents. I enjoy writing  (am currently working on a long-running piece meant for ass consumption hopefully later this year) and I’ve recently gotten into acrylic paints. I’m not just sniffing them I’m actually painting with them.

Anyway… on my site I have an art project – a digital art project, if you will –  which is pretty self-explanatory if you go to that area. It deals with holes. Lots and lots of holes.

This past weekend at Zenkaikon 2018, Andrew D’Amico brought an Excel Saga DVD to my autograph table to sign, and in the upper top left corner, was a hole. Like, he literally punched a hole in the case. Hold up, y’all hear me? Someone who actually reads my nonsense literally punched a hole into their copy of Excel Saga just so that I would see it, appreciate it, connect with it, and boy did I freak out over it.

Of course the hole will go into the digital art area, but I had to write a little about it first. I was in shock to see that someone would not only partially damage their own DVD for the sake of my project, but the fact that it was so quite spot-on to what that project means… AND IT WAS EXCEL SAGA – I MEAN THE LAYERS OF ABSURD NONSENSE BUT OH SO POIGNANT POINTS ARE ENDLESS… (and pointless, but you’ll only understand that if you understand the holes).

Thank you, Andrew. You made my freaking year.