Jessica’s “Hit-It” List: People – Webmistress Jen

Why: Jen is not only a talented web designer and good friend, she shares a deep obsession for all things K-Pop!

Jen recently drove to NYC just to see BTS at KConNY, and got to see and meet one of her other fav groups GOT7 in Chicago! (editor’s note: Jen was working on launching this website from LA while attending KCon for BTS and Monsta X!)

Here’s a few links to some of her favorite vids:

Monsta X – Trespass  /  Monsta X – Hero  /  Monsta X – Stuck  /  BTS – Dope  /  BTS – FIRE  /  BTS – Baepsae
GOT7 – A  /  GOT7 – Rewind  /  EXO – Monster  /  Eric Nam – Into You

She biases the hell out of Kihyun from Monsta X, Jin from BTS and both Jackson and JB from GOT7, and has no problem making sure everyone knows it.

Give Jen a follow on Twitter or Instagram where she posts lots of K-pop and cosplay stuff and overall cool and witty things because she’s cool and witty.

See? This is Jen dancing to “뱁새” (Baepsae) by BTS as a shark.

Because Jen.


(editor’s final note: I’m honored to be on Jess’ Hit It List, but it’s a little weird making my own post…)