Jessica’s “Hit-It” List: People – Bill Hundley



Why: Bill Hundley is an amazing photographer.

Sorry that wasn’t a better opening sentence, but click on his name and see for yourself.

I love his gorgeous Entoptic Phenomena series (which I’ve been seeing around for years), but my personal favorite is his w cheeseburgers series. Can’t you see Menchi doing this??



lol jk Menchi would bark at me then inhale the cheeseburgers. Then vomit. Then I would want Bill Hundley to take pictures. Omg everyone wins.

Something I found a bit unsettling, (and his wiki page explains this):

“Though not initially mentioned in the credits, a few of his ideas were re-created in the music video “Heaven Can Wait” by Charlotte Gainsbourg featuring Beck. Eventually the director, Keith Schofield, contacted Hundley to apologize for not crediting his work as “inspiration” for portions of the video.”

You can see not only Bill’s influence, but his actual work throughout the video, and not being credited…… sucks.

Anyway, he’s done some truly amazing work… as a fan of surreal and anything absurdist, I can’t get enough of it.

Seriously, go to his site and check out his galleries.

Little Naked Person Storage




Camera Trap

Experiment Experiment Experiment

Black and White

Apple/Start Something New

2016 New Work



Where you can purchase prints